how i plan on becoming carrie bradshaw

carrie bradshaw, in my opinion, was one of the the luckiest television personalities of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  she lived a fabulous life.  she is constantly evolving and changing herself.  first was the seemingly endless throngs of handsome men who all became infatuated by her.  next, the famous walk in closet (and oven) that happened to be full of designer shoes.  (realistically, a columnist in new york city probably can’t afford an apartment with a walk in closet.  they could maybe afford to pay rent for an apartment the size of that closet.  but, hey a girl can always dream).  thirdly, she wines and dines at all the fabulous restaurants and clubs in the city.  but most importantly, she has friends who would follow her to the end of the earth.

here is my plan, my manifesto on becoming carrie:

  1.   handsome men:  at the moment, i am fortunate enough to have a handsome and kind man in my life.  however, i have kissed a lot of frogs in my past.

     i have found the best way to find a prince is to start slow.

     it’s wonderful to believe in love at first sight and that after that moment everything will work out.  but the truth is, people reveal themselves slowly and gradually.  i don’t think we can ever be sure of true love or even genuine intimacy instantaneously.  my advice is to wait to jump into bed, move in with, or even share your darkest secrets with your man.  after all, slow and steady wins the race; or in Carrie’s case, a diamond ring and penthouse.

  1. the apartment and shoes to go with it: we all have our inner “material girl” who lives inside us.  the girl who stands in awe of beautiful, luxurious things.  but carrie’s apartment is much more than a replication of what I think the inside of the vogue closet looks like.  it is where she feels at home.  it is the place she feels safe to express herself.  don’t we all want a place where we can truly work and pursue our passions?  if i could only find my apartment to be as inspiring to sit down at my laptop and write a column loved by people across a major city.  as far as the shoes, i want to take a spin on material indulgences.  rather than just buying myself pretty things for the fun of it, i should shower myself with gifts for when i accomplish my goals.  i am not saying i’m going to go out and buy a five hundred dollar pair of shoes every time i do well on a final or master a new inversion in yoga, but i want to reward myself for chasing my dreams.  

     so I’m going to start filling my closet, makeup bag, and bookshelves to serve as mementos for living the life i desire to live.

    but hey, if a pair of manolo’s happen to find their way in my closet, i guess i must have accomplished something major.

  1. wining and dining: carrie was an expert of many things, one of which was marketing herself.  much like with the shoes, i am not thinking about putting on a nude slip and running an advertisement on the side of a city bus.

     what I am talking about is being my own advocate, my own sam jones PR maven.  i want to go out into the world and accomplish my goals and let everyone know that i am unstoppable.  i will be a force to be reckoned with.

      for me, this could be as small as walking down the streets of Santa Barbara and people knowing me for the community service I do and the yoga classes i take with them.  my dream is for people around the world knowing me for a book i intend on one day writing.  in lieu of partying at fabulous clubs with ridiculous names and drinking cosmos, i want to be invited to spend time with the brilliant minds of the world.  i’d love to sit down with women like brene brown who has such insight into life, michelle obama who is a powerful role model for women, georgia o’keefe for being an artistic trailblazer, and even SJP herself for getting to play the role of a lifetime.  these are the people i want to gain the privilege of spending time with, however cosmos are always welcome.

  1. friends of a lifetime: through it all, the breakups, the makeups, the nicotine addiction, and the horrible headlines, carrie could always count on her three best friends.  it takes special people to remain in your life for so long and know you so deeply.  i want to surround myself with people who cherish me, support me in my goals, and are always willing to get brunch with me to gossip every weekend.  the people i choose to be friends with will help elevate me to greatness and will encourage me to be the best version of myself.  

    in some of my greatest times of need, it has been my friends who remind me to stand tall and mighty.  reflecting back on this past year, it all started with one rice cake and several very good friends to help turn my life around.  to those women who helped me reached where i am today, i will be eternally grateful to you.

     the point is short and sweet: i want my friends to be the best kind of friends i can have.

carrie bradshaw was not perfect.  she definitely could have used a bit of help in the cooking department, but she had all the foundations for creating a fabulous life.  if asked, will you be devoting your time to finding the right man, acknowledging my many accomplishments, marketing myself, and finding the friends who raise me up (aka being carrie), I would say:


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