i get by with a little help from my friends

this entry isn’t about my ex or my breakup.  it’s about empowerment.  it’s about the never ending journey towards self-discovery.  it’s about me, finding myself, loving myself, where the fun part begins.


but it’s also about all of you, my friends and family.  the beautiful souls who i am so blessed to have in my life.  it’s about any girl or guy who has ever been hurt or betrayed.  this is for me and it’s for you.  the words of my friends and family have given me so much strength and inspired me.  i want to live in the the truth they see me living.  again, living the life i deserve, a life standing in the sun.  i hope these caring words of wisdom filled with love and support give you the same inspiration they gave me.  so get out there, and start living for you.


“i am not worried about you, and if i was, i would tell you. you are such a strong woman and i have seen you overcome so much worse. i have no doubt in my mind that you won’t just be ok, but that you will be great one day.  maybe not tomorrow or next week, but you will be soon.”


“take into perspective your character. take pride in yourself. you can rise above.”


“no one can ever take away the happy memories from you. those are yours to keep forever. it was what you wanted in the moment, what made you happy then. that is all that matters.”


“if i’ve learned anything about you, it’s that you are strong enough for this.”


“just know that you are on the right path. let everything flow. bathroom floor cries are necessary. it’s all normal, all of it. you are on the right path.”


“you are blessed that you are able to feel this much.  some man, when you find him, will get this much love and more from you.”


“your intuition knows everything.  this is the most powerful lesson of all.”


“you are simply better than that. you deserve so much more.”


“remember, a pearl is produced by an injured life. its hard to see now, but this builds character.”


“this is the most empowering time of your life. right now. this moment.”


“everything you need, you have already.”


“i am so proud of you realizing your worth, because you deserve more than the world. build your empire.  i know you will do great things.”


“now you can go back and find the parts of yourself you feel you lost. we are all works in progress.”


“happiness doesn’t come from having a boyfriend.  it comes from within.  creating a life for yourself, following your passions, surrounding yourself with positive friends, trying new things and experiences.  the guy is just the cherry on top.”


“unfortunately there are people out there that take full advantage of this, but don’t forget you are an amazing soul.”


“life is such a beautiful thing.  without obstacles like these, we would get everything we want in life and never learn lessons, even if they are from other people’s mistakes.  we would never gain any sort of learnings or strengths.”


“by being brought to your knees in pain, you will become your happiest self.  you will become the best version of yourself.”


“it’s been awhile, but know i am always here for you.”


“you are the strongest, most intuitive, genuine, intelligent person i know and i admire your strength and security. nothing and no one can break you and you have so many people that love and care about you.  you deserve the best on earth. show no mercy.  time heals all and you’ll find the love you deserve .”


“we love you more than life itself.”


sending so much love to all the contributing authors of this piece.  you mean the world to me, and you all know the immense amounts of gratitude i have for each and every one of you.

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